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Callum R.

Brooklyn NY
I would like to first thank you for your service. Thanks to you I now have my credit back on track. I know I could not have done it without your help. The money I paid for your services has paid for itself by the great low-interest rates I now get. I have told all my friends who are in the same situation that they need to sign up too! My credit is great and for all the newcomers: Yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Again, thank you for a job well done!

Dave I.

Chicago IL​
Thank you so much for the great service you provide as well as the ongoing communication and professionalism. I am very pleased with all services provided and I`m especially glad to hear I can return at any time because I am a member for life. My credit score is now a 746!

Gloria G.

Orlando, FL
I just received two letters from a pesky collection office for extremely old phone bills that I know I’ve paid multiple times. The letter said that these two bills would be deleted from my credit report. I’ll send them to you to review. I also just received a pre-approved application for a credit card. The balance will probably be low, but it’s the first offer I’ve gotten in a long time, and I know that I need to have a credit card to improve my score. I don’t want one; hate credit, but at least I know that it’s an available tool for me to use to reach my goal of at least a 750 score. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…I never thought I’d get away from these piranhas.

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