Primary Tradeline Basic Information and Process

Hello, thank you for your interest in Unique Primary Tradeline, below is a synopsis of our process. 😊 First, we have been in business for over 10 years. Unique Primary Tradeline specializes in Unsecured Business Lines of Credit. Our minimal allowable amount to borrow is $25,000 and ranges well into $150,000. As an example, you would be able to draw any amount needed from the account, up to your established limit. If we help you establish a $50,000 line of business credit for example, and you decided to pull $30,000 of it, you would only pay on what you are using and it would become available to use again as you pay it down. These are revolving lines of credit and there are no pre-payment penalties.

Our credit check platform is called the “Instant Decision Platform” and it is a soft pull that will not harm your credit in any way. This is similar to signing up for a credit monitoring service and only takes minutes to get! If you are interested in our program, please feel free to return my e-mail and I will gladly help “tee it up” for you and give you a personal call at home. We will need to get permission from you on a recorded line to access the Instant Decision Platform on your pre-qualification. Afterward, we will schedule you a no-obligation consultation with one of our FICO-certified Advisors who will review your scenario in a fiduciary capacity to help you access the working capital you need at a time that works best for you. We also offer other options, such as Equipment Financing, SBA, PO Financing, Merchant Financing, and a Traditional Line of credit. I have attached a link to our website: WWW.LENCRED.COM

I do not quote rates, I simply onboard clients. If your credit passes our soft inquiry, I will set up a consultation with an advisor who is authorized to quote rates. I need your permission on a recorded line to do the soft inquiry. It will not appear on your credit report. More often than not, we can perform the soft inquiry off on the name, mailing address, and date of birth. Very rarely would we need a social security number? I do not see the report, Our in-house program will notify me if we have offers based on the report or not. If you provide the necessary information below, I will call you to read a Unique Primary Tradeline Basic Information and Process disclaimer to you and schedule the consult. Out of respect for your time, I can have you off of the phone in under 3 minutes.

Because you applied, I’d like to help you move forward as quickly as possible.
The information below will help me save you time by reducing the call time for the total prequalification process!

Please reply with the answers to the bullet points below, when you’re ready to start receiving capital.
• ​Name of Business
• Type of Business
• Desired Funding
• E-mail Address
• Home Address
• Full Name
• Phone Number
• Annual Household Income
• Date of Birth

The Truth About Credit Card Financing

Credit card financing is a consistently popular way for small business owners to finance startup and expansion. In fact, four out of five small business owners today use credit cards to start or grow their businesses.

Widespread myths and misconceptions about credit card use mean that although most small business owners use credit cards for business financing, the majority aren’t using credit cards the right way. As a result, small business owners aren’t fully taking advantage of credit card financing’s potential to help their businesses grow.

If small business owners understand both the risks and the benefits of using credit card financing, they can take advantage of benefits including easy access to low-cost capital, keeping personal and business credit separate, preserving and improving their personal and business credit profiles, maintaining positive cash flow, maximizing tax breaks, minimizing interest expenses and preserving precious collateral.

When small business owners learn the truth about credit card financing, they can use it the right way to get the capital they need without putting up collateral. When done correctly, this will benefit their cash flow, their companies and the economy as a whole.